Non Heat Treated Sapphires by Pristine Gemstone Jewelry

by Andrea Van Wilgenburg

Non Heat Treated Sapphires

It is rare to find a sapphire that has not received heat treatment.

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Approximately 95% of sapphires on the market have received heat treatment. Heat treatment is a common, stable, well accepted practice. It is basically an extension of the natural formation of gemstones; heat and pressure and it only causes subtle improvements in color and clarity, if at all.

It is such a common practice that it is the only treatment of sapphires that is not required to be disclosed, as it is just assumed heat treatment is present. All other known treatments must be disclosed.

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It is when a sapphire has not been heat treated that it is noted, and often a premium is charged for such a stone. Heat treatment is very difficult to confirm even by a trained gemologist. The only way to be absolutely certain about whether or not a sapphire has received heat treatment is by testing and certification by the main GIA (Gemological Institute of America) or GRS (Gem Research Swiss)labs. I believe they are the only two labs in the world that have the multi-million dollar equipment for such testing. Basically, if claims are made about a non heat treated sapphires, there is only one way to be sure, and that is certification from the main GRS or GIA laboratories. Otherwise, you can assume heat treatment has occurred.

For more information on sapphires, please visit the Gemological Institute of America section on Sapphires

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