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All one of a kind items!

One of the most venerated of gemstones, we offer a selection of fine quality sapphires in a rainbow of colours.

SALE 20% off all our loose sapphires until inventory is cleared! All one of a kind items! We are retiring so everything must go!

Unique and elegant sapphires. Choose from an ethically sourced selection of Ceylon Blue, Peach, Padparadscha, and Blue Sapphires, White, Blue-Green, Yellow and Color Change...Peach, Padparadscha, and Blue Sapphires, White, Blue-Green, Yellow and Color Change Sapphires, Rubies and More!  Just scroll down and click onto your color of choice!

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All of our sapphires have been precision cut by Rogerio Graca.  Only 5% of gemstones on the market have been precision cut.   Precision cutting maximizes brilliance in a sapphire because it is basically ensuring that all of the facets have been cut at their correct refractive indices.   To read more about the importance of precision cut gemstones, please visit our blog on Precision Cut Gemstones

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