Welcome to Pristine Gemstone Jewelry.  Sapphires, sapphire engagement rings, and other colored gemstones and jewelry are my specialty.

I am Rogerio Graca, a professional gemcutter, wholesale gemstone supplier, and online jewelry retailer.  I started out as a professional gem cutter in 1992.  I currently operate my online home-based business from just outside of Liverpool, Nova Scotia, Canada offering my gemstones and jewelry via my website: pristinegemstonejewelry.com and my Etsy shop; PristineGemstones

I use a "Precision Cut" machine that allows me to cut my gemstones at their correct refractive index. Not all colored gemstones that you see on the market are cut properly (only about 5% are precision cut). A gemstone must be cut at its correct refractive index to reach its potential in brilliance.

I have a design consultant, two CAD technicians, a stone setter, and another goldsmith on my team.  They have all had decades of experience and are highly skilled at their craft.  Our goal is to create beautiful, as well as lasting quality, fine gemstone jewelry.

Some of my pieces have been featured with Huff Post Weddings: http://huff.to/1IOa9r3

For details on the custom order process, you can visit my website blog at the following link: https://pristinegemstonejewelry.com/blogs/blog/pristine-gemstone-jewelry-custom-orders-the-process

The accent diamonds in my mounts are purchased in the US and are conflict free determined by the Kimberly Process. Most of the gold in my settings comes from recycled and refined material.

When customers choose one of my pieces to symbolize a memorable life event, I truly feel honored. I take that responsibility seriously treating my customers in the way I would wish to be treated.

Please read my Frequently Asked Questions website blog for more information. Please take note of question #1: https://pristinegemstonejewelry.com/pages/frequently-asked-questions

Thank you for shopping with me!

Rogerio Graca