So, you have decided to make a custom piece of jewelry with Pristine Gemstone Jewelry. We are grateful for your business and your confidence in us!

To help answer some of the questions that may be going through your mind, we have prepared this blog that outlines the steps involved from completion of your order to receipt it at your door. Note that we have also provided estimates on the amount of time each step usually takes.  The process generally takes 3 weeks from confirmation of design, plus a week for the appraisal (optional), and shipping is an additional amount of time depending on where you live.  

Step One:  Gather details to help bring your idea to life

We will be asking you for the following information:

  1. Ring size (recent measurement please)
  2. When are you hoping to have your piece?(note: fine jewelry cannot be rushed, however, we do our best to keep all of our orders moving along steadily and to help you reach a planned date if you have one).   Although we do our best, due to the nature of making custom fine jewelry, we cannot guarantee a specific date of completion.
  3. Stone type, color, clarity, cut, carat weight (diamond carat equivalent is fine) or millimeter size.
  4. As many details as you can give us regarding the design of the piece you want – be as specific as possible.  Send along photos or sketches if you have them.
  5. An idea of your budget –there are many factors that impact price on a piece of jewelry.If we have a rough idea of your budget, we can narrow down some of the options.

Step Two:  Center stone selection (time estimate: 2-3 days)

At this point, we will know what you want to create, so we will start work helping you to choose your center stone.  We will go through our inventory, select some candidates and send photos, maybe a video, specifications, etc.

Step Three:   Quote preparation (time estimate:  1-2 days)

Once we know which stone(s) will be used to create your piece, and the design of your custom piece, we will prepare a quote for you with detailed specifications.

Step Four:  CAD/Casting/Finishing work (approx 3 weeks)

If you are happy with the quote and are ready to proceed, we will require a 50% deposit to hold your stone and begin work on your piece.  We prepare a detailed listing at 50% of the purchase price containing all of the specifications discussed, and once the listing is purchased, we begin work on creating your piece.

Depending on the complexity of the design, it will either be created by hand, by using pre-manufactured components, or, and most likely, by using computerized design (CAD), 3D printing, and precision casting.   We have two CAD/casting techs on contract with us who prepare our designs, and we will share the designs with you for approval prior to casting your mount. 

Once we have approved CADs, we begin production, which is casting your mount, grinding, polishing, sanding your piece and setting all of the stones.  During this 3 week period, your piece is traveling from one crafts person to another.  ie. we send our pieces to a master stone setter for setting our stones to ensure they do not get damaged and are set properly.   Therefore, during this period, we generally don't have any updates to provide and will wait to contact you when your piece has been completed.

Step Five:  Appraisal (time estimate: 7 business days) OPTIONAL

Once your piece is complete, and if it is priced over $1800USD, we send it to a 3rdparty, GIA graduate gemologist and licensed appraiser to be appraised for you as a complimentary service.  This appraisal can be used by you for insurance purposes if you wish. The appraisal service is optional if time permits.  If you would like your piece appraised and it is valued under $1800USD, we can have it appraised for an extra charge of $60USD.

Step Six:  Final Payment

Once your item and appraisal are back in our hands, we will send you a scanned copy of the appraisal before you make your final payment.We will then prepare the final payment listing with photographs of your completed piece.

Step Seven:  Shipment

This generally takes 2-3 business days in North America (US and Canada).  Your package will be tracked and insured until signed for on your end.

Final notes:  

We are serving customers around the globe, and we are a small husband and wife operation.   Our operation is not mass production.  Each piece is one of a kind. We like to give personalized service, and we manage each and every order ourselves.  

All of the estimated times are estimates, so we cannot guarantee an exact completion time, but we do our best to stay within our estimated time. There may be the occasional delays such as having to recast a jewelry mount due to issues with the original casting, perhaps the stone setter is having challenges with a particular job,  or components ordered from a supplier are late to arrive, etc.

Our main goal is to create a quality piece that you have envisioned, and this takes time.  Rushing such purchases and such work is not recommended; not to mention, generally, we would be unable to rush orders, so please be patient.  We are creating one of a kind pieces meant to be beautiful and to last a lifetime.

Thank you!

Andrea & Rogerio