Blue green sapphires have gained tremendous attention recently in the engagement ring industry.  And it is no wonder!  Take a look at these beautiful hues!

Of course, there are quite a range of hues and tones available as well as terms to describe the various blue greens; from peacock to teal, to blue green, and then there are parti sapphires, which display two or more separate colors.  The best advice that we can give you for choosing your favorite shade is to judge with your eyes! 😍😍😍😍😍.  Visit our blue green sapphire collection here.

One thing that we can say for certain, is that by creating an engagement ring with a blue green sapphire as the centerpiece, you are sure to have not only a beautiful engagement ring, but one that is also truly one of a kind!  Think about the various combinations of gold colors with the wide range of blue greens!  Your possibilities are almost endless.

As is the case with all sapphires (the mineral species corundums), blue-green sapphires get their special hue from trace elements. Pure corundum is colorless, but when it contains trace elements, depending on the elements, it will display colors such as blue, orange, pink, or yellow, etc.  Sometimes corundum will have a secondary color, such as a blue sapphire having a secondary green color.  If the green accounts for more than 15 percent the color, the stone is then considered “blue-green.”

We at Pristine Gemstone Jewelry offer many natural blue-green sapphires of various sizes, shapes and hues!  All precision cut by Rogerio Graca.  Please visit our blue green sapphire collection here.  Also, feel free to contact us for more details, or to design an engagement ring made especially for you!  ~ Andrea & Rogerio