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Certified Natural Round Ruby 0.90cts Precision Cut

This is a fine specimen! The color, clarity and brilliance of this ruby is exceptional. 0.90ct, 5.4mm round.  color : deep red.  clarity: VS, very good.  Appraised by a 3rd party, independent, GIA graduate gemologist and licensed appraiser at a retail replacement value of $6170USD. See appraisal in 5th listing photo.

Treatment: None, other than heat treatment is assumed. Please read this blog to understand why heat treatment should be assumed in all corundum (sapphires& rubies) unless accompanied by certification by the main GIA or GRS labs stating otherwise:  Non Heated Sapphires

Precision cut by Rogerio. Only 5% of gemstones currently on the market are precision cut. To learn about the importance of precision cut gemstones, please follow this link HERE

Any item priced over $1800USD is eligible for a complimentary appraisal by a local GIA graduate gemologist and licensed appraiser. All other items can receive appraisals or certificates with an additional charge of $60USD.  Since our gemstones are at wholesale pricing, the price of appraisals is not already built into the price of our gemstones.

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Certified Natural Round Ruby 0.90cts Precision Cut