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Golden Yellow Sapphire 6.21cts Oval

Price: $2,800.00 USD

Ceylon golden color yellow sapphire oval shape for engagement ring. Natural yellow sapphire for fine custom jewelry. Weight: 6.21 cts Oval. Dimensions:12.2 x 10 mm oval. Clarity: SI1, but inclusions not detrimental to the beauty of the stone. Color: Golden tone (Slightly more golden than the photo is capturing. We can provide you with a video). Origin:Ceylon(Sri Lanka)

Treatment: None, other than basic heat treatment is assumed. Please read this blog to understand why heat treatment should be assumed in all sapphires unless accompanied by certification by the main GIA or GRS labs stating otherwise:  Non Heated Sapphires

Precision cut by Rogerio. Only 5% of gemstones currently on the market are precision cut. To learn about the importance of precision cut gemstones, please follow this link:

Any item priced over $1800USD is eligible for a complimentary appraisal by a local GIA graduate gemologist and licensed appraiser. All other items can receive appraisals or certificates with an additional charge

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Golden Yellow Sapphire 6.21cts Oval