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Orange Sapphire Emerald Cut 15.3 x 8.1 MM Over 7 carats September Birthstone

Orange sapphire emerald cut shape beryllium treated sapphire for engagement ring or fine pendant.
The color and size of gemstone stand outs.
There is a feather running through the stone but nothing detrimental to the beauty of this gemstone.

Weight: 7.53 carats
Size: 15.3 x 8.1mm emerald cut shape
Clarity: SI
Treatment: Beryllium treated
origin: Ceylon

Beryllium treatment :

Beryllium treatment is a heat treatment process applied in natural sapphires in which the element beryllium has been added to the process.
Beryllium is actually a natural constituent found in many gemstones such as emerald, aquamarine and chrysoberyl.
Beryllium heat treatment process produces bright yellow and stunning orange colors rarely seen in non treated sapphires.
Beryllium treatment is also known as lattice diffusion. However, unlike some of the older forms of diffusion treatment, in the beryllium diffusion the color penetrates deep within the stone.
Gemstones treated by beryllium are 100% stable and can be recut without the loss of its color as oppose to the older diffusion treatment process which the color penetrates only a 1mm or less. In this particular case the color would be lost if the gemstone has been recut.

Finally, prices for Beryllium treated sapphire cost only a fraction of natural sapphires that have not been heat treated without beryllium. In fact a 7 carats orange sapphire would normally cost over $7000 if it had not undergone the beryllium treatment process.

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Orange Sapphire Emerald Cut 15.3 x 8.1 MM Over 7 carats September Birthstone